Saturday, June 16, 2007

Attempts at taking Good Photo's

My older Brother went out and bought a really nice digital camera and he has been using it to make HDR pictures. My twin Brother went out and bought himself a real nice camera. All I could get was a cheap Digital camera from Best Buy, it cost about a hundred dollars. The Camera is called Fujifilm FinePix 5.1 mega pixels. The Camera is a good one it just can't do alot of stuff the ones My Brothers bought.

One day we went hunting, but first we wanted to take Photos of the desert at sunrise. Here is one of the only good picture I took before the Sun came up.

I took over 20 pictures of the scenery before the sun came up and that was the only good one. When the Sun came up we started to take photos of everything we could, On some we were trying to use the HDR technique but my camera could not do HDR very well. So I took pictures of everything and anything while my brothers went nuts with their better Cameras.

Since I could not do HDR so I started to take pictures of my brothers while they were taking pictures of other things. The pictures turned out real well.

I had some fun taking pictures of my Twin brothers Vehicle with the sun behind it.

While I was taking my pictures my brother decided to get on top of his vehicle to take his own unique photos so I took his picture.

Well when the sun came up and we had nearly 1000 pictures combined we decided to go hunting. After we went hunting and came back to the vehicle we had fun with our rifles.