Monday, August 27, 2007

Amanda and I Camping.

I finally got a job with paid vacation that I used for fun and not on a work place injury. I went camping over the weekend with my girlfriend, we went to Payson, AZ. We camped at the Ponderosa Campsite, I don't know exactly where it is, but its not hard to find.
I don't have picture's of the campsite but I do have GPS location on it, N34°17'57.22" - W111° 6'50.13". We went on a drive up the S R 260 East/North bound to Woods Canyon Lake, (the GPS location is N34°20'2.97"- W110°56'41.08") on Saturday. We tried to go fishing but it was to crowded. On the way there we took photos of the beautiful scenery. We managed to go back to Woods Canyon Lake on Sunday and we got about 4 hours of fishing in, but we caught no fish. So we gave up on fish and started to catch crayfish. It was not hard all you needed was something dead or food from anywhere.

Here are some pictures of squirrel's near our campsite.

My brothers can say whatever they want about these next photos, we took them on purpose.

The next Photos are from our Drive up and down the S R 260.

Later we Drove to the Tonto Rim Fish Hatchery, which has been renovated a lot since I was a kid. I found the old fish ponds which have over grown plant life around them.

When we left the Fish Hatchery, we spotted a doe running away from the road but it was to fast for us to get its picture. I remembered that there was a water fall near the Tonto Rim campgrounds so found it and here it is.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Attempts at taking Good Photo's

My older Brother went out and bought a really nice digital camera and he has been using it to make HDR pictures. My twin Brother went out and bought himself a real nice camera. All I could get was a cheap Digital camera from Best Buy, it cost about a hundred dollars. The Camera is called Fujifilm FinePix 5.1 mega pixels. The Camera is a good one it just can't do alot of stuff the ones My Brothers bought.

One day we went hunting, but first we wanted to take Photos of the desert at sunrise. Here is one of the only good picture I took before the Sun came up.

I took over 20 pictures of the scenery before the sun came up and that was the only good one. When the Sun came up we started to take photos of everything we could, On some we were trying to use the HDR technique but my camera could not do HDR very well. So I took pictures of everything and anything while my brothers went nuts with their better Cameras.

Since I could not do HDR so I started to take pictures of my brothers while they were taking pictures of other things. The pictures turned out real well.

I had some fun taking pictures of my Twin brothers Vehicle with the sun behind it.

While I was taking my pictures my brother decided to get on top of his vehicle to take his own unique photos so I took his picture.

Well when the sun came up and we had nearly 1000 pictures combined we decided to go hunting. After we went hunting and came back to the vehicle we had fun with our rifles.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My Baby Nephew

I should have posted these pics along time ago.

My twin brother and his wife went and had a kid, They had to go and breed of all things. Don't get me wrong I care for My brother and his wife. The most important thing is my Nephew Sean.
He is really cute, He was born 9 lbs 14 oz 20 1/2 inches long on Jan. 25Th 2007, 2:42 p.m.

This is Sean's Very Proud Father.

My Father Bob has never been aloud to see his other grandson until he was 10 or so years old, and he will probably never see his granddaughter ever. But this is my father holding his Grandson.
That is His Thumb next to Sean's foot.

Here are some more pics.

The woman holding Sean is my Girlfriend/Future wife.
This Photo is me holding Sean.


The following Photo is what my older brother will look like when he hits 60+ years of age.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Fishing For Catfish

My older brother my Girlfriend and I went catfish fishing, and we got lucky and caught three catfish. I caught a two and one half pounder, My girlfriend caught a two pounder and a three and one half pounder, which gave her a good fight to land all by herself. She has never caught a catfish much less a 3 1/2 pounder. She caught it on a collapsible pole which was not made for catfish fishing. We used Bluegill as bait which we caught using Bar-S hot dogs I didn't want to waste any good hot dogs. We tried using dough baits and other fancy baits to catch catfish but all it took was free bait swimming in the Chaparral park lake. My older Brother did not catch anything at all, Just to get at least one catfish he did what we call Bogarting/Jamesing her spot which did not help him out at all he went home with nothing.

Here are some more pictures of the catfishes.

We threw all but one back, which a friend of mine had for dinner. My friend's wife is either lazy or she does not know how to cook because she microwaved the catfish. I don't eat fish and I find that gross, I feel sorry for him because he loves fish and that's how it gets cooked in his House. In case you are wondering he is 55 or older.