Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another Good Fishing Trip

Today Amanda and I decided to go fishing after she got off work. We left for Chaparral park around 1:00pm and after we got just about a mile from home, Amanda told me she left something at home so we had to go back and get it. We left the apartment again around 1:10pm and got to the park by 1:45pm and started to fish. We were fishing mostly for Catfish. At 4:00pm I caught a 17 inch 2 lb Catfish, then an hour and a half(5:27pm) later I caught another 17 inch 2 lb Catfish, 10 minutes later(5:36pm) Amanda Caught a 16 inch 1 lb Catfish. That was the end of the fish. But I did manage to lose a 3 dollar light up Bobber. I made myself a lure retriever out of dog chain and 100 foot rope and it works, I found two lures(not the ones we lost over the last two months) and a few weights. I did not take pictures of the catfish because they all look alike. We left to go home shortly after 8:00pm. We let the catfish go.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Good Day Fishing

Today I decided that I wanted to go fishing after work. I told a couple of my co-workers I was going fishing and they asked me to bring them either Catfish or Bass so they could eat them. I told them I usually did catch and release but I would keep any I catch for them. Amanda and I Left the Apartment around 3:30 pm and arrived at the park by 4:00pm. When we got to our normal fishing spot Amanda and I started setting up our drop shots for Catfish, We were using Catfish Charlie Wild Cat Blood premolded Catfish Bait. When we had the drop shots baited and in the water we started fishing for Bass, using rattle traps and Live minnow plastic lures. We had no luck with Bass or with Catfish until around 4:50pm I caught a 1 lb 16 inch Catfish. Then nothing happened for an Hour and a half. While we had no luck there were two Hispanics fishing next to us, using no fishing poles just heavy fishing line wrapped around stakes in the Ground. They were catching Catfish every 20 minutes or so. I then caught another catfish using my bait, It was 15.5 inches and 1 lb. There was no warning when they got on the line, The catfish just swallowed the bait and sat there. After the Hispanics had caught yet another fish I went over to them and asked them what they were using for bait and since they spoke no English I could not understand them, If it was not for their bait was sitting on the table I would never guess what he was saying, They were fishing with CamarĂ³n or for us idiots who don't speak Spanish they were fishing with shrimp. They gave us two shrimps but we did not catch anything with them. During our fishing time Amanda decided to get her lure stuck a couple of times She was able to get the lure free once by letting line out and walking around the lake till it came free, but on the second snag she repeated this trick again but failed to notice she was running out of line and it went bye-bye into the lake lure still stuck. Around 6:50pm I decided to try my rattle trap again and Bam I caught a 2lb 15 inch Bass. Yes, since I did not say that Amanda caught anything she went home empty handed(yes I did tease her). We left to go home by 7:30pm and the fish were in the sink to be cleaned by 7:50pm

Here is a picture of the Hispanics fishing.

And here are the Pictures of my three fish that I caught.

I had to throw the fish in my cooler with no Ice but I did put water in it to keep them alive and fresh til I could clean them, The Bass was not doing so good when I got home. I put them in the sink and filled it with water and the Bass came back and was splashing around til I Gutted it. I hate Fish especially when you gut them and they still move, Its creepy when you cut off their heads and the head still try to breathe. While we were fishing the ducks who apparently had babies hatch within the last few days were taking them around the lake so they could eat the bugs flying around. Here are two pictures of the ducks.

Amanda was a little upset that I caught all the fish and she caught nothing, No I will not be sleeping on the couch, She usually out fishes me. So Today was a very good Day for me fishing.