Friday, August 28, 2009


This morning we awoke to one dead kitten and the other still not eating from its mom. The third kitten is doing great its been nursing all night. I buried the dead kitten in front of my apartment, gave the momma and healthy kitten back to the lady who did not want them but changed her mind. We kepted the last kitten and are trying to hand feed it. If it survives another night we are going to take it to the Humane Society where it may be able to get the proper care. We put a heating pad in a towel and set it to low. (Cross Fingers) We can only wait and see.

Today After work I decided that it would be better to take the kitten to the Humane Society since it was not breathing or eating well. Unfortunately we were not the only ones with kittens there, ours was the youngest. They told us that they have no foster homes for any of the kittens that were under 4 weeks old so that means they will be put down. The kitten will be missed!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Busy Night!

Today around 8 pm Amanda went out for a Smoke, She came running in after awhile and said that a Cat was having Kittens outside in front of someones door. I got dressed and went outside to find a white cat in labor and a blob sticking out of her backside I told Amanda to go get me paper towels while I tried to get the Newly born kitten out of the birth sack, it is really gross to do this. Nothing like cat piss and birth slime all over your hands( enter itchy nose). By the time I got outside the Cat had already had one kitten inside an apartment and the Renter of the apartment freaked out and put mother outside. We asked her to bring out the baby so mommy can clean it. The first two kittens were not active and may not live through the night. Around 8:30pm she had a third kitten this kitten from the moment it got out of her was moving and kicking and trying to get out of the sack, when I was able to break open the sack the kitten stopped kicking and start to squirm and to find momma, so I put it next to mommy and she immediately started cleaning it. The first two, mom could care less as they were not moving much. The lady who's apartment this was happening in front of did not want the Cat now that it had given birth to 3 kittens. Nobody else would take the cat and kittens so Amanda and I put mom and baby's in a box and drove to 23 ave and Glendale ave to a 24 hour animal clinic. We did this mostly because the kittens were not nursing. By the time we got to the clinic the third kitten found momma's tites and started to nurse but the first two still were not doing good. The Clinic told us that they could not take them, so they gave us formula and a bottle so we could feed the kittens, and said the two kittens may not live through the night. They told us to call the Humane Society in the morning and they would come and get the survivors. We got home around 9:30pm and started to try and feed the kittens, they did eat some but still are not doing very well. We put Momma and the Kittens in the Bathroom, we made a bed in the bathtub put food and water into the tube so mom can eat, then we shut the door and now we wait til morning.

Well The lady just came to my door(10:15pm) and said she will take the Cat and the surviving kittens in the morning, She freaked and got nervous but she does want to keep the Cats. So I guess no Humane Society will be called.

Here are some pictures of the mom and kittens.

Here are Pictures of Amanda trying to feed the kittens.

Here is one of the kittens in my hand.

Here is mommy and kittens in the bathtub.