Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do Cats land on their feet?

Tonight Around 9:30 pm Bobcat fell off the railing of our second floor bedroom loft. He fell about 12 feet or so landing on his feet. The sad thing is Amanda feels she is to blame, after all she was playing with him right before it happened. She had nothing to do with him falling. We hang our towels on the rail to dry and the towel is to blame, Bobcat turned and moved the towel and gravity took over. He was a little shook up and was not hurt, just sore.

Here are Pictures of the area where he fell and a picture of Bobcat 30 minutes after the fall.

Later while we were asleep he got back up on the railing like nothing ever happened.

Friday, August 28, 2009


This morning we awoke to one dead kitten and the other still not eating from its mom. The third kitten is doing great its been nursing all night. I buried the dead kitten in front of my apartment, gave the momma and healthy kitten back to the lady who did not want them but changed her mind. We kepted the last kitten and are trying to hand feed it. If it survives another night we are going to take it to the Humane Society where it may be able to get the proper care. We put a heating pad in a towel and set it to low. (Cross Fingers) We can only wait and see.

Today After work I decided that it would be better to take the kitten to the Humane Society since it was not breathing or eating well. Unfortunately we were not the only ones with kittens there, ours was the youngest. They told us that they have no foster homes for any of the kittens that were under 4 weeks old so that means they will be put down. The kitten will be missed!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Busy Night!

Today around 8 pm Amanda went out for a Smoke, She came running in after awhile and said that a Cat was having Kittens outside in front of someones door. I got dressed and went outside to find a white cat in labor and a blob sticking out of her backside I told Amanda to go get me paper towels while I tried to get the Newly born kitten out of the birth sack, it is really gross to do this. Nothing like cat piss and birth slime all over your hands( enter itchy nose). By the time I got outside the Cat had already had one kitten inside an apartment and the Renter of the apartment freaked out and put mother outside. We asked her to bring out the baby so mommy can clean it. The first two kittens were not active and may not live through the night. Around 8:30pm she had a third kitten this kitten from the moment it got out of her was moving and kicking and trying to get out of the sack, when I was able to break open the sack the kitten stopped kicking and start to squirm and to find momma, so I put it next to mommy and she immediately started cleaning it. The first two, mom could care less as they were not moving much. The lady who's apartment this was happening in front of did not want the Cat now that it had given birth to 3 kittens. Nobody else would take the cat and kittens so Amanda and I put mom and baby's in a box and drove to 23 ave and Glendale ave to a 24 hour animal clinic. We did this mostly because the kittens were not nursing. By the time we got to the clinic the third kitten found momma's tites and started to nurse but the first two still were not doing good. The Clinic told us that they could not take them, so they gave us formula and a bottle so we could feed the kittens, and said the two kittens may not live through the night. They told us to call the Humane Society in the morning and they would come and get the survivors. We got home around 9:30pm and started to try and feed the kittens, they did eat some but still are not doing very well. We put Momma and the Kittens in the Bathroom, we made a bed in the bathtub put food and water into the tube so mom can eat, then we shut the door and now we wait til morning.

Well The lady just came to my door(10:15pm) and said she will take the Cat and the surviving kittens in the morning, She freaked and got nervous but she does want to keep the Cats. So I guess no Humane Society will be called.

Here are some pictures of the mom and kittens.

Here are Pictures of Amanda trying to feed the kittens.

Here is one of the kittens in my hand.

Here is mommy and kittens in the bathtub.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Update to my Question.

I have received hundreds of visits from people looking for what I think is, "My Twin Brother Hunts me". I now think they are looking for "My twin brother haunts me" but they keep getting directed to my blog because of Hunting with my Brothers.

If you have tried to find any stuff on "My Twin Brother Hunts me" and get directed to my site please leave a comment on why and what you are looking for. I want to know what this is all about.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another Good Fishing Trip

Today Amanda and I decided to go fishing after she got off work. We left for Chaparral park around 1:00pm and after we got just about a mile from home, Amanda told me she left something at home so we had to go back and get it. We left the apartment again around 1:10pm and got to the park by 1:45pm and started to fish. We were fishing mostly for Catfish. At 4:00pm I caught a 17 inch 2 lb Catfish, then an hour and a half(5:27pm) later I caught another 17 inch 2 lb Catfish, 10 minutes later(5:36pm) Amanda Caught a 16 inch 1 lb Catfish. That was the end of the fish. But I did manage to lose a 3 dollar light up Bobber. I made myself a lure retriever out of dog chain and 100 foot rope and it works, I found two lures(not the ones we lost over the last two months) and a few weights. I did not take pictures of the catfish because they all look alike. We left to go home shortly after 8:00pm. We let the catfish go.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Good Day Fishing

Today I decided that I wanted to go fishing after work. I told a couple of my co-workers I was going fishing and they asked me to bring them either Catfish or Bass so they could eat them. I told them I usually did catch and release but I would keep any I catch for them. Amanda and I Left the Apartment around 3:30 pm and arrived at the park by 4:00pm. When we got to our normal fishing spot Amanda and I started setting up our drop shots for Catfish, We were using Catfish Charlie Wild Cat Blood premolded Catfish Bait. When we had the drop shots baited and in the water we started fishing for Bass, using rattle traps and Live minnow plastic lures. We had no luck with Bass or with Catfish until around 4:50pm I caught a 1 lb 16 inch Catfish. Then nothing happened for an Hour and a half. While we had no luck there were two Hispanics fishing next to us, using no fishing poles just heavy fishing line wrapped around stakes in the Ground. They were catching Catfish every 20 minutes or so. I then caught another catfish using my bait, It was 15.5 inches and 1 lb. There was no warning when they got on the line, The catfish just swallowed the bait and sat there. After the Hispanics had caught yet another fish I went over to them and asked them what they were using for bait and since they spoke no English I could not understand them, If it was not for their bait was sitting on the table I would never guess what he was saying, They were fishing with CamarĂ³n or for us idiots who don't speak Spanish they were fishing with shrimp. They gave us two shrimps but we did not catch anything with them. During our fishing time Amanda decided to get her lure stuck a couple of times She was able to get the lure free once by letting line out and walking around the lake till it came free, but on the second snag she repeated this trick again but failed to notice she was running out of line and it went bye-bye into the lake lure still stuck. Around 6:50pm I decided to try my rattle trap again and Bam I caught a 2lb 15 inch Bass. Yes, since I did not say that Amanda caught anything she went home empty handed(yes I did tease her). We left to go home by 7:30pm and the fish were in the sink to be cleaned by 7:50pm

Here is a picture of the Hispanics fishing.

And here are the Pictures of my three fish that I caught.

I had to throw the fish in my cooler with no Ice but I did put water in it to keep them alive and fresh til I could clean them, The Bass was not doing so good when I got home. I put them in the sink and filled it with water and the Bass came back and was splashing around til I Gutted it. I hate Fish especially when you gut them and they still move, Its creepy when you cut off their heads and the head still try to breathe. While we were fishing the ducks who apparently had babies hatch within the last few days were taking them around the lake so they could eat the bugs flying around. Here are two pictures of the ducks.

Amanda was a little upset that I caught all the fish and she caught nothing, No I will not be sleeping on the couch, She usually out fishes me. So Today was a very good Day for me fishing.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gone Fishing Again

Today Amanda and I decided to go fishing at the usual place(Chaparral park in Scottsdale). We arrived just before 10 o'clock and started fishing at 10:15am, I immediately start fishing with a Rattle Trap and Amanda started using the swim Minnow. After about an Hour Amanda caught a 3lb 17 inch Bass, This Bass was a lot bigger then her fish from the week before. I decided to James black her spot(This means I stole here spot, I had a friend who use to steal other people's spots if they started catching fish.) and caught a 1lb 12 inch Bass. We tried for catfish but they either did not stock them yet or they were still in shock from the trip from the fish farm. No Catfish were caught by us or anyone else fishing near us.

Here are picture's of Amanda's 3lb Bass.

And here are the Picture's of my 1lb Bass.

We also had a lot of strikes on our lures but no more Bass were caught and all the Bass we did catch went free. Sometime next week they will stock Sunfish, and I will use them as bait for the Catfish.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Girlfriend and I went Fishing

On Tuesday the 10Th My Girlfriend and I went fishing at Chaparral park in Scottsdale, We got there around 10 O'clock in the morning and started fishing for Trout since the Game and Fish Department supposedly stock the week before. After a few hours I decided to try a Rattle Trap fish lure, I had cast it out about three times and I thought I might have snagged it but It turns out I had caught a 2 pound Bass. I put it in a live fish basket and put it back in the water, Amanda decided she wanted to try and fish for bass so she used a Rattle trap lure and after a few casts lost it to the lake, She then grabbed a new swim minnow bait we had just bought and started to fish with it. She had cast it out a few times and thought she had snagged it but it turned out to be caught in the mouth of a small Bass about 8 inches long.

Here are pictures of The Bass we caught, First one is My 2 pound Bass and then Amanda's 8 Inch Bass.

She will not touch the fish that's why she is using a baby wipe to hold it.
The next picture's are the lures we used. First is the Swim lure and second is the Rattle Trap.

Here are the two Bass in the Live Fish cage.

We decided after catching the bass to put up all the fishing equipment except one fish pole each and some lures and walked the lake, I lost my rattle trap and decided to stop fishing and we headed home.

On Sunday the 15Th My Brother Robert and his wife and I went fishing at Chaparral park again and well, Visit his Blog to see what happened that day.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My twin Brother Hunts Me! What is this?

Recently I have gotten a lot of visits from People all over the world looking for, My Twin Brother Hunt's Me, or My Brother Hunt's Me. Can Anyone tell me what this is all about?????

I do have a Twin Brother and a Regular Brother but no they do not Hunt Me! Well not yet, but give them time.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dreamstime picture update part 3

After a lot of work Dreamstime Finally took The Train Picture. And now I am waiting on another picture to be accepted. This is the new and improved train picture, Thanks to Robert and his knowledge of editing pictures.

Here is the new Picture I am waiting on.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Dreamstime pictures update part 2

They accepted one more picture, and refused the other for, "The image contains elements that might be protected by copyright/trademark (logos, brands, specific buildings etc.) or could raise usage problems, therefore it doesn't qualify as a RF stock image. Analyze the photo closely and remove these elements if possible or try to obtain a property release." The picture they accepted is of a Strip mine in Globe/Superior area.
The picture they rejected is of the train.

This brings my total images on Dreamstime to 20.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Photography trip to Payson and the Mogollon Rim area.

Today we went up to the Payson area to take Pictures of the snow and whatever else we could find to photograph. We usually take my Twin brother Mike's vehicle whenever we go places and he never let's me drive and I always have to sit in the back seat, but not today. I was able to use my Mothers Ford Windstar on this trip, But first we had to make sure it could make the long trip without any problems. First we checked the steering fluid, then the Brake fluid, Battery water level, tire pressure, and made sure that all lights on the outside of the vehicle worked. The Ford Windstar has a scooter lift on it, attached to the hitch mount. It was heavy and bulky so we removed it for the trip. I drove the Van for the whole trip which I enjoyed. My Brother Robert was lounging in the back, My twin was in the front passenger seat playing on his laptop.

We arrived in Payson, AZ around 8:00am, we took Route 260 out towards Showlow. The 260 has been redone so it is a little safer. We then headed towards Woods Canyon Lake, which when we got there we could not go more then 20 feet up the road because of the fact that there was a couple of feet of snow on the road and we did not have snow chains or four wheel drive. Here are pictures of the entrance to Woods Canyon Lake area.

We decide to get out and take pictures and play in the snow.

We had to use an axe to break the top layer of snow off because it was rock hard. Mike threw snowballs at Robert and I, so I threw them back at him. Robert told me to load his stuff into the van before we left phoenix, But I left his heavier jackets at his House. I told him to make sure I had loaded everything into the van and he said "no I am busy", so he was a little cold. Before we left this spot I took a picture of the scenic overlook across the street which was closed for the season, can you see why.

We decide to leave this spot and head toward Showlow, everywhere we went the side roads were blocked by snow. We stopped to take more photo's and I decided to walk on the snow to get some good picture's, But If you go to Mike's Blog you will see that I did not get any good photo's but they got a GOOD LAUGH at what happened to me. The Photo below is the only good photo I got after the Laughter stopped. (Ripped pants not good in the cold!)

We turned around and head back toward Payson. We drove through the little town of Christopher Creek. We did not stop! We drove to Tonto Creek Fish Hatchery and took photo's of the hatchery. On the way to the Hatchery we stopped to take photo's of the Creek that ran next to the Road, and the snow on the mountain's.

Mike was waiting for Robert to take a Picture so he could walk down to the creek and take the pictures he wanted.

We continued on to the hatchery and stopped yet again.

Yes we do look like we are leaning.

We tried to take photo's of ourselves but Mike could not get in front of the camera fast enough so his face is blurred in this next photo.

We finally got to the Fish Hatchery.

I took Photo's of the old Fish ponds again but this time I did not have trouble finding them.

As we left the Tonto Creek area we stopped to take picture's of a Waterfall near Route 260.

We then went into Payson to go to Wal-Mart to get me a new pair of pants.(yes I have been doing all this with ripped pants) After we left Wal-Mart we headed to a Mexican Food Restaurant Called El Rancho Mexican Restaurant to get Lunch. I will never go back there again, It did not taste that good. Every time we burped we had to roll down the window due to the fact that there was too much oregano in the enchilada sauce, and it gave us bad breath.

After we ate, we headed toward the Pine/Strawberry area. We found nothing interesting and we turned around and headed back to Payson. We saw a creek near the road so we stop once again.

We crossed a bridge and found an outhouse. Behind the outhouse was a picnic area, it was kind of nice looking so we took more photo's.

After we took all the photo's we felt like taking, we headed back towards Payson and stopped at an Antique store. After we left the overly crowded store in other words lots of junk that was over priced, we then headed home to Phoenix. We got back to Phoenix after 5:00pm.