Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bobcat Joins My other cat Special!

February 19, 2013 My cat Bobcat was put to sleep. We will miss him, I loved him even though he pissed all over everything.

In march of 2006 Bobcat showed up at my apartment as a Foster cat, he was around 2 months old. We were only suppose to care for him til he reached around 6 months of age so he could be adopted by someone. We kept him in a playpen so he would not run around the Apartment, But he kept getting out and following Amanda around. One day he was playing around Amanda's feet while she was cleaning and he got under her foot. Well this was a mistake because she stepped on him and she heard a snapping sound. She freaked out and started calling Mike and I, because he was limping.  She was crying when she stepped on him because she knew something had to be broken. We took him to the Animal Care Hospital to be checked out. Yes his back left leg was broken and he need help. We had an option to let it heal on its own or pay for it to get fixed. Mike's wife Jamie work was the people who gave him to us to foster, and they did not want to pay for the surgery. We decided to keep him if we had to pay for the surgery.

The surgery took place on Monday March 20, 2006. When we got him back they told us to keep him from running around or jumping to much. We put him back into the playpen and did everything we could to keep him in there, but no way was he going to stay in there. He was always escaping and doing everything they told us he was not to do.

This was right after his surgery!

On Tuesday May 9, 2006 they removed the pin, Amanda told them she wanted the pin so she could have it forever.

This Is the Pin the was in his leg, it is nearly 3" long.

In total it cost us close to $2,300 to fix his leg, Which we borrowed from Jaime's boss and paid her back. No I was not going to give the cat up!

We moved a lot and Bobcat went with us and around 4 years ago he started to piss all over everything. We bought everything and anything to try and stop this, but to no avail. We just kept him and washed everything we could and shampooed the carpets as we went.
In late January 2013 we noticed he was limping, But we just thought he might of just be suffering from soreness from his old injury. It slowly got worse so on February 18, 2013 around 5pm we went to the Animal Care Hospital after we noticed he was walking on his left hind knuckles. They examined him and got me bit by my cat who has never ever bit me like that before. I do not blame the cat I blame the vet for grabbing him by his neck and the vet tech who grabbed for him also. I was holding him and was trying to put him down when this attack happened. He was scared and lashed out at any and everyone in reach, He scratched the hell out of the tech and dug his teeth deep into my finger. Yes an infection set in within less then a day, My finger hurt like hell for a day and is slowly getting better.

February 19, 2013 9:45am I dropped Bobcat off at the hospital to be put down and they had to talk to Rabies control because he bit me. Never mind he was a indoor cat all his life and got his shots. I called around 11:00am to see what was happening and if I could come and get his body. So around 11:35 am I paid for the procedure and took my Baby cat who I love so much home to bury him next to Special my other cat who in July I had to put down to. When I got there to the hospital to get him the lady at the front desk went back to get him, they did not even cover or wrap him up so I had to see him laying there lifeless and his tongue sticking out. When I got home I pulled him out of the pet taxi carefully and held him one last time, then I wrapped him in a sheet and place him in his final resting spot next his sister.

The pictures below are of Bobcat over the years.

 The picture's below are his last ones taken the night before and the day of his last time.

 I miss you Bobcat and Amanda Misses you, we never wanted this to happen to such a young cat.