Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th, The day Special went to sleep for the last time.

  After Nearly 10 years of having a spoiled rotten cat, we had to put our cat Special to rest.  We rescued her in 2003 from running around the neighborhood half starving. She was a deaf and declawed cat that belonged to an old lady, but the lady past away and her son did not care to catch the cat and take it to someone who would care for her. We moved into the little house this old lady lived in and we started to see this very skinny white cat running around. Amanda started feeding it and got to hold her and pet her, but only outside. Then we started getting her to eat indoors but she wanted to leave after she ate so we let her. Our neighbor at the time thought she wanted her and when she moved away she took Special with her. But little did she know the deaf cat would meow so loud you can hear her four houses down. Well the lady could not stand the meows so she abandoned her at the old house and went her merry way. We were so happy to see Special again. When we moved we took Special with us and it took a week to get her to stop meowing so god damn loud. We turned her from an outside starving cat to a health indoor cat with no regrets. We moved tons more and each and every time she would meow real loud. Finally 8 and a half years later from finding her we returned to her old neighborhood to help out my mother, Special came back to a familiar place. We started letting her outside under supervision and then we started just letting her out unsupervised. She would walk into our front yard find a place to sleep and she would stay outside and when she was ready or when it was getting late she would come in by herself or we would have to get her. She found a spot were she loved to sleep so when it came to down to her last day we put her to rest in her favorite spot.

We loved her and we will miss her she was a cat not like any other.  She lived a spoiled life with us and now she is no longer in pain. She would put up with all kinds of crap from us and not fight or bite us. When she would sleep next to me I would bounce her butt up and down and she would never stir. Not even a child age 2 to the age of 5 would bother her.

The pictures below shows her in her favorite indoor spot, my side of the bed.

We buried her in her favorite outdoor spot in the front yard. She is now resting under our Juniper tree right between a Jasmine plant and a Bougainvillea bush.

We love you Special!!!