Friday, June 6, 2008

Apartment Living

The life of an apartment resident is never boring. Tonight around 9:45 p.m. Amanda and I were getting ready for bed when we started hearing a weird noise kind of like a cat biting and pulling on paper. When we looked to see where the noise was coming from I noticed a water mark on the carpet and saw water dripping from the ceiling. Amanda put towels and a bowl down to catch the water, I went upstairs to see if the Man in the apartment above me knew about the water, Which was dripping into my apartment, I got no answer so I went back down to my apartment. I called the manager to let her know about the water, Thirty minutes or so later the Maintenance man knocked on my door. Before he showed up I heard what sounded like water running in the ceiling so I opened the screen where the air filter is and I could hear the water much louder, I grabbed a flashlight and a step stool to see where the water was coming from, at first I could not see it. When the maintenance man showed up I showed him the water coming from the ceiling and let him hear the water draining into my wall(that's right I said wall). He went up stairs to talk to the man who lived in the apartment above me, of course he was not home so he entered the apartment and found nearly 2 inches of standing water in his living room, kitchen and bathroom(turns out to be a bad toilet he told the Manager about when he moved in). Around this time about 45 minutes after the discovery of water it started to flood my kitchen and bedroom carpet, a handful of towels and a carpet shampooer later water is still dripping from ceiling. I grabbed my camera and took these two photos of the water dripping up in the ceiling.

I do have to laugh about all this because the upstairs apartment got it a lot worse than me, his really big stereo speakers got wet so I hope that I won't be hearing his bass anytime soon.

As I am writing this right now at 11:34 p.m. I can still hear water dripping into the bowl. I took more pictures of the damage to my apartment and you will see water dripping from the ceiling and towels all over the floor.

In the morning the manager said a guy would come and put a blower on my carpet. Wow that solves all the problems doesn't it. When I renew my lease I am going to make them give me new carpet and new vinyl tile.

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