Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another Good Fishing Trip

Today Amanda and I decided to go fishing after she got off work. We left for Chaparral park around 1:00pm and after we got just about a mile from home, Amanda told me she left something at home so we had to go back and get it. We left the apartment again around 1:10pm and got to the park by 1:45pm and started to fish. We were fishing mostly for Catfish. At 4:00pm I caught a 17 inch 2 lb Catfish, then an hour and a half(5:27pm) later I caught another 17 inch 2 lb Catfish, 10 minutes later(5:36pm) Amanda Caught a 16 inch 1 lb Catfish. That was the end of the fish. But I did manage to lose a 3 dollar light up Bobber. I made myself a lure retriever out of dog chain and 100 foot rope and it works, I found two lures(not the ones we lost over the last two months) and a few weights. I did not take pictures of the catfish because they all look alike. We left to go home shortly after 8:00pm. We let the catfish go.

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