Friday, March 23, 2007

Fishing in Arizona's urban and state lakes

Here are some pics of where we go fishing and some of the fish we caught. Some of the fish you will see are sad compared to others, but I am still proud of them even though my brother and my Girlfriends fish were bigger.

This sad little Bass was my first Bass ever.

My girlfriend didn't like fishing for a long time because when see was a kid her parents didn't let her reel in any of the fish she caught, because it might get away or something like that. (Christi if you read this and get offended I mean no harm this is what I was told, I am sure it was good old Daddy who did this to the kids.)

This is the first time for her to go fishing since she was a kid.
This was her first fish.
She was hooked from this point on, she has caught a lot of fish and on one occasion she was so obsessed with catching a fish at one location she fell into the pond up to her waist. The funny thing was I think the fish was trying to catch her by luring her into the water.

This is her very first Trout, She wasn't even trying to catch it she was fishing for bass with a worm on a drop shot.
Oh by the way she does not like to touch fish its Gross, but she did put the worm on the hook herself. Which I think worms are gross and fish are just fine.

The blue Gill/Sun fish and trout was not the only fish she caught, she has caught Carp a bunch of times with corn. The carps were caught at Tempe Town lake in Tempe, Arizona. The trout was caught at Papago Park in Phoenix, Arizona, the Sun fish was caught at a park on the border of Tempe and Scottsdale, We call it Mckellips Park. The park is on Hayden rd and Mckellips rd.

This little Bass in my hand is my second Bass isn't it a beauty. It was caught at Tempe Town Lake.
Now this Bass is My Twin brothers first Bass, It was 4lbs.
I do not know why he is spanking it. He also caught these.
I think they are Channel Cats.

We fished a lot at Tempe Town Lake, and here are some of the fish I caught there. There is a small Carp and a Big Carp. (I know they are not record breakers but they are the biggest fish I caught in Arizona.)

We have been Fishing at a new location, Chapparrel park in Scottsdale, Arizona. This is what happens when the fish are not biting and you get bored.

How to catch a Bird in a Fish Net.
One way is to throw corn on the ground and stand in the middle of the birds flying in to get it. At this point a hand held net will come in handy, (don't worry no birds were hurt) now just wait till the moment is right and swing in a downward motion and voila a pigeon is now in your net/hands.

It is real fun and no the pigeons do not like being treated like fish.

Now if pigeons are not your cup of tea, how about swans?

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