Monday, September 8, 2008

Woman's Basketball, No can Dunk, But good Fundamentals

On 9/7/2008 Amanda and I went to our first WNBA Game, Phoenix MERCURY Vs Houston COMETS. If you are Interested in who won, Mercury 99 Comets 74. Lets put the game into a few words, Pre-game entertainment I was bored seconds after they step onto the court. Even though Woman Basketball players no can dunk the game was interesting. Time out entertainment was dull, The female cheerleaders were very hot, some of the mercury team members were hot too. The WNBA is a magnet for lesbians and old people. I was having trouble telling what was female and what was male in the audience. If my Girlfriend and I got more free tickets and had nothing better to do we would go again. Half-time Entertainment was well I can't remember(boring).
Near the end of the Game they said the Mercury team would be signing autographs for 45 mins after the game, Amanda and I use that to get out before the crowd. If you like a good joke about Woman's Basketball Check Matt Groening's Futurama episode(Amazon Women in the Mood)you can see it in re-runs on Comedy Central or you can buy the DVD of Futurama. If you can ever get a chance to talk to a Women's Basketball Player tell them you want to die by Snu Snu, you might get lucky.

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