Monday, December 8, 2008

I Finally Have a Job. Hooray!!

After Nine month's of looking, and Forty-nine Resumes/Applications I finally found a job. I get holidays off(without pay), I get spring break off(without pay), OK I work for a school as a Crossing Guard and temporary lunch time Babysitter (I don't really know what this position is called). By no means is it a permanent job, I have been a Crossing Guard before but this time I get better pay and more hours. I have no choice but to keep looking for a real job. Barrack Obama says "he will fix the crap(economy/unemployment rate) George W. Bush did wrong" I don't believe this for a second, because the last democrat President screwed up more things/people than he Fixed. OK enough about our New President. Its nice to be back to work.

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